Confessions of a Sthenolagniac

is a fetish defined as sexual arousal from the display of muscles.

This term, along with Cratolagnia - sexual arousal from the demonstration of strength - was coined by the German psychologist Magnus Hirschfeld in the late 1800s.

My blog will be about my own sthenolagnia, my attraction to women with muscle.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Femuscleman loves...


And according to this survey...
10 Types of Women We Secretly Lust Over
I am not alone.

It's not that I am ONLY attracted to women with muscle, but there's nothing that does it for me more than an attractive lady proudly displaying her muscular physique.

Though seeing muscle on a woman is less shocking now than it was back when I first became aware of my fetish, the subversion of the stereotypical female body can still shock a lot of people. Women with muscle consequently attract attention wherever they go.

Wouldn't you notice these ladies in the gym, a club or the street?

And it's not only the attention of men that they attract. I've always found the reactions of women to their muscular sisters fascinating, whether positive or negative.

I'm biased, so I think if a woman reacts to female muscle in a positive way, showing admiration, it's an honest one. For me, a woman who gives a reaction of the 'Yuk! That's disgusting. She looks like a man!' variety is, I suspect, revealing her own insecurity. Deep down she knows that she cannot compete with the likes of Heather Huschie and Larissa Reis (below).

The determination and sheer hard work necessary to acheive a physique like these is truly awe-inspiring. Anyone, male or female, who has tried to build muscle and lose fat knows this. Another aspect of my attraction to muscular women is the fact that these alpha females have acheived something that millions only dream of.

They are not only physical powerful, but mentally powerful too.

And to add to that, many of them are just drop dead gorgeous ...

Femuscleman loves women with muscle.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Confessions 1: How I discovered my fetish

In the early/mid-eighties there was a popular science programme on the BBC in the evenings. I can't remember any of the presenters except Graeme Garden (of The Goodies). One episode was about the structure of the human body, and to help Graeme explain how muscles worked, British female bodybuilder Carolyn Cheshire was a guest on the show. Graeme introduced her and she ran into shot wearing an orange bikini and started to flex.

Here she is, in the same bikini, in Melle Mel's Pump Me Up video.

Watching Carolyn flex was my first experience of what I would later discover was Sthenolagnia, I was sexually aroused by the way she displayed her muscles.I can't remember exactly WHY I knew that for a woman to have muscles was generally considered to be taboo, but on some level I did, so the feelings of arousal were tempered with feelings of guilt, or rather shame. And yet the fact that this woman was so obviously proud of her physique, despite the fact that the vast majority of society would judge her in a negative way, only added to the attraction. She was not only physically beautiful, but had a different kind of beauty that came from being a bold, strong, confident woman who was unafraid of the opinions of others.I was immediately aware that I couldn't tell anyone about my attraction to this woman, but neither could I forget the feelings she had aroused in me, feelings I wanted to experience again.

And so my bittersweet relationship with my female muscle fetish began...